Our story

B&C Projects, a subsidiary of B&C International, is leading in made-to-measure indoor sun shading.
Over 15 years ago B&C Projects has been established as a department specifically focusing on the commercial project business, as specific needs for the project market ask for a certain level of expertise. We work closely together with a large network of retailers in The Netherlands and Belgium. B&C Projects is partner at MVO Nederland and is unique with its end of lifecycle service: we offer the possibility to de-install sun shading at the end of its life cycle, and recycle it with the highest possible yield.
B&C Projects is a creative organisation, which is very innovative in terms of colours and techniques. We assemble most of our products ourselves. This enables us to implement the latest techniques and materials in sun shading. The collection by B&C Projects offers a wide range of features, and advanced possibilities for every style or need.
B&C Projects continuously looks for the proper solution for each project, while working closely together with architects, project interior designers and end users. we advise, consult and offer a trustworthy service before, during and after delivering our products for the project. It is also possible to order custom made products outside of our standard collection. This characterises our customer centric mind set.
In short, B&C Projects:
- Is creative and customer centric.
- Offers the most extensive indoor sun shading collection.
- Offers sustainable indoor sun shading.
- Is the organisation to turn to for light, sun and heat shading solutions.
Have a look at the B&C Projects video