Trends and design

While designing new collections we get our inspiration from trends and the latest developements that are noticed by Studio bece®.
Under the name, Studio bece®, Alex Speelman and Meindert Bos are constantly looking out for new trends, developments and ideas. They find inspiration in all sorts of places - at leading trade fairs, but also from their immediate surroundings. They think about what these trends mean for interior design, and window decoration in particular.
Once a year our trendwatchers Alex Speelman and Meindert Bos write a new trend forecast. This year it is called 'Relevant'. The world is changing rapidly, and in today’s world it’s about being relevant. Relevance is a matter of individual perception. It relies on its context. Things that used to be relevant, are not necessarily relevant today. The changing needs require an approach that suits tomorrows demand. The relevance is not determined by the level of brand awareness, it’s about what you have to offer to your environment. Be the best for the world, not the best in the world.
Watch the trend forecast preview here.