The essence of the Cradle-to-Cradel (C2C) principle lies in the concept: waste is food. All used materials would, after their life in the one product, be applied usefully in the next product.
While doing so there should be no loss of quality and all remains should be re-used or environmentally neutral. The cycle is then complete: waste is food.
Sustainable development is one where today's generation foresees in its needs, without limiting the possibilities thereof for the next generation.
The Cradle-to-Cradle (C2C) principle continues and would like to foresee in our needs, but also forsee future generation in more possibilities. B&C Projects takes the prevention of its carbon footprint very seriously and therefore has introduced a selection of Escreens with the C2C certificate in its collection. Moreover, B&C is partner of the C2C Expo Lab in Venlo.
A selection of the products in this collection are C2C certified.