Pleated and honeycomb blinds

The B&C Projects collections pleated and honeycomb blinds are very stylish.
Other than the pleated blinds, honeycomb blinds have two layers of fabric forming the characteristic honeycomb shape.
Pleated and honeycomb blinds are available in many different models for various window shapes. The two-in-one model offers the option to combine both a light filtering and a room darkening fabric. The top down / bottom up model that can raise and lower your honeycomb blind both from the top and the bottom. In this way you can easily adjust the level of light and privacy.
In the collections pleated blinds you will find fabrics in five transparency levels, so you can always adjust the level of light. Pleated blinds are also heat shielding. In the collection you will find fabrics with a metalised back. Consequently, these fabrics have a high reflection rate, keeping the heat outside. This will also be reflected on your utility services bill. Especially refrigerators can save up to 20%.

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